Updated August 10, 2019

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·      Flying football field sized drones beaming toxic wireless radiation into the ocean and parts of Maui county is proposed by the University of Hawaii HAWK30 drone program, in a 3-Phase program

·      Their stated purpose is: “to develop new airborne overhead 5G communication, which would provide strong wireless service over a large area, including deep valleys, remote lands, and over the ocean”.

HAWK 30 Telecom Platform” from AeroVironment Investors Event, June 2018

Phase 1 – Initial Testing over the ocean, Lana’i, Ko’olawe and Molokini, skirting the south shore of Maui island to achieve one successful drone flight of 30 days in duration. May take 2-3 roll-outs to get one successful flight

Phase 2 – FAA approval allowing for long duration flights of up to 6 months each (2 – 2.5 years)

Phase 3 – Lana’i becomes drone manufacturing plant and global launch pad for commercial drones flying throughout the equatorial belt

·      Phase 1: $120 million project sponsored by University of Hawai’i, SoftBank of Japan, AeroVironment (defense contractor) of CA and Google (Alphabet) of up to three flights

·      Secretive project built a 12,000 square foot drone hangar to house two drones on agricultural land on Lana’i without public notice and prior to Lana’i Planning Commission meeting, showing a lack of good faith

12,000 sq. ft. drone hangar built on Lana’i in June, 2019 (photo by Sally Kaye)

·      200 acres of former pineapple plantation agriculture land on Lana’i should not be used for this high tech drone experiment blanketing the Earth with wireless radiation

·      In the Use Determination Application the drone is repeatedly referred to as an “airplane” and “aircraft” but airports are not allowed on agricultural land

· On August 8 the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) granted the HAWK30 a COA2, a Certificate of Authorization issued by the Air Traffic side of FAA that permits these drones to operate over Lana’i, Ko’olawe, Molokini and the ocean (see map below).  The normal life of a COA is 2 years.  This would get the project part way through Phase 2. They would have to apply for an extension or reissue to complete Phases 2 & 3.

·      One Hawk30 drone broadcasts the equivalent of 1800 cell towers. There are hundreds of peer reviewed research studies documenting the harmful health effects of cell towers

·      Despite announcing as early as July 16 that, due to public outcry, 5G was removed from the project, and then changing their story in a press release, as of August 7 the developers still had not amended their Use Determination Application to reflect this promise to the community

· Even if the Application is amended to remove 5G, it can be brought back in the future at any time and the developers have publicly stated this.

· Even if the Application is amended to remove 5G, beaming 4G wireless radiation into the land, into the ocean, into our homes, into our bodies is not healthy for humans or safe for the environment

·      In Phase 1, two drones will be utilized for 30 days, covering 150 square miles, flying at 65,000 to 80,000 feet with no one policing them

Flight zone of drone encompassing Lana’i, Ko’olawe, Molikini & skirting Maui’s south shores

·      Final plans are to turn Lana’i into a drone manufacturing plant and launch pad to fly massive drones over most of the world’s population forming a 5G mesh network

·      The Lana’i Planning Commission, with limited resources, is ill equipped to deal with a complex project of this size and scope with vast implications far beyond the confines of Lana’i island

·      The developers have shown a lack of transparency by providing very little information about the project and pressuring the commission to make a rushed decision

·      The 3100 residents of Lana’i may be afraid to speak out against the project since it is tangentially backed by Larry Ellison who owns 98% of the island

·      The drone is so experimental that almost no regulations exist to govern it

·      There have only been two prototypes of the drone and both have crashed.

·      If the 3000 pound drone falls from the stratosphere it could cause devastation. Only 2300 Newtons of force crush a human skull wearing a helmet. Falling from a height of 70,000 feet weighing 3000 pounds produces 266,756,000 Newtons of force! There would be air resistance but if this massive experimental drone with a bad track record malfunctions and falls from the sky it could kill and maim humans, whales, dolphins and other living things that inhabit the Hawaiian islands

·      Dr. Loren Pang has called 5G a human experiment without consent that violates the Nuremberg Code

· The Hawaiian islands have already been the target of Google’s huge high altitude helium balloon, HBAL663 LOON, whose flight path is shown in the image below circling around Maui County at 57,500 feet

Screen shot of LOON real time flight path, taken on 8-5-19 from FlightRadar24.com

· The wireless radiation enabled LOON was tracked circling the Hawaiian islands for about a week (7-31-19 to 8-6-19) presumably to collect weather and wireless communications data in preparation for the Lana’i HAPS30 drone, since the two projects are partnered

Such secretive and experimental high altitude technologies beaming down wireless radiation should not be allowed in Hawai’i airspace until they have been proven safe to humans and the environment. Please sign the petition.

Stop the Giant 4G/5G Drones

Attn: Lana\'i Planning Commission. Stop Giant 4G/5G Drones Until Proven Safe

Secretive, experimental, high altitude technology (massive drones, pseudo-satellites, huge helium balloons, etc.) with 4G/5G wireless communication payloads that beam toxic wireless radiation deep into land and ocean, into all life forms, should not be allowed in Hawai'i airspace.

Thousands of peer reviewed research studies www.BioInitiative.org show the negative health effects of radiation from wireless technologies. 5G especially is an alarming health hazard www.5GSpaceAppeal.org/the-appeal

Wireless technology poses significant harm to humans, animals, marine life, and the environment. We do not consent to this harmful and invasive technology. We respectfully ask you to please protect the Hawaiian islands, follow the Precautionary Principle and ban this technology from Hawai'i airspace unless it can be proven safe. www.KeepYourPower.org/drone

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